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FILE PHOTO: Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi attends a joint news conference with U.S. President Barack Obama in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, U.S., October 18, 2016.  REUTERS/Carlos Barria/File Photo The constitutional court is expected to announce its verdict later on Tuesday or on Wednesday, opening the way for a likely overhaul of the contested law, known as the Italicum, which was introduced by former prime minister Matteo Renzi in 2015. The law only relates to the lower house of parliament. It envisaged a ballot staged over two rounds that guaranteed a big majority to the winning party while granting party bosses wide powers to handpick their preferred candidates. Renzi said the Italicum would bring political stability to Italy, but critics complained that it concentrated too much power in the hands of the winning party and did not allow voters to directly choose their representatives. "If the court intervenes to change the electoral law, removing the second round and essentially leaving a proportional system in place, then the likelihood of an election this year is very high," said Anna Ascani, a lawmaker close to Renzi. "But there's no consensus in parliament กระเป๋าแบรนด์ lyn ราคา on what kind of electoral law to write should the court only make suggestions to change the current law," she told Reuters, saying such a scenario would make a snap vote in 2017 highly unlikely. Renzi resigned last month after a กระเป๋า MANGO crushing defeat in a referendum on his plans to overhaul the constitution, but he remains leader of the ruling Democratic Party (PD) and is pushing for elections to allow him to return to power. NEW ELECTION The constitutional reform was based on eliminating the upper house Senate as a directly elected chamber and when Renzi drew up his electoral reform he only had the lower chamber in mind, confident that voters would back him in the referendum. His defeat means that different laws now govern elections in the two houses, so whatever the court rules this week the conflicting systems will have to be harmonized by parliament. The new premier, Paolo Gentiloni, who is close to Renzi, said at the weekend he was confident a new election law could be in place in time for a vote in the summer or autumn. Opinion polls suggest the two-round voting system laid out in the Italicum will hand victory to Italy's main opposition party, the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement, which wants a referendum on continued membership of the euro currency.

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With the shopping that has to be carried around, it makes sense to find a place to eat nearby before heading back. But, it can be tedious to find a decent cafe or restaurant amongst the fast food joints, kebab shops, sandwich outlets and tourist traps. To make things easier, wevecompiled a list of eateries around Primark that would provide awelcome respite after jostling about with other shoppers in Primarks Marble Arch or Oxford Street stores. (Note: All prices exclude VAT, currently at 20%, and service charge, customarily at 10-15%, though the latter can be refused if the service is found to be unreasonably bad) Primark Marble Arch Source: @chococherrie Primarks first flagship store in London is often packed with both tourists and locals, bothlooking for a great fashion bargain. Given the nearest eating options are sandwich chain Pret A Manger, pubs, McDonalds and the occasional kebab shop, the food-conscious Singaporean traveller might find these options uninspired andlook a bit harder for a post-shopping meal.Here are some of the more interesting finds. Source: @ladyironchef Last 5 years, London saw a revival of Indian food. Roti Chai is an attempt to ride that wave, showcasing affordable Indian street fare in a simple unassuming setting. In keeping with current trends, the menu is structured to encourage sharing with friends tapas-style. So, whilemost items served in the street kitchen can be had for under 10, you will have to order multiple items to make it a meal, as recommended in the menu . Tucked away from the bustle of Oxford Street,the restaurantcan be rather quiet, providing a welcome break fromintense shopping sessions.

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