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But that all changed in 1974, when she spotted an ad for a sustainable lifestyle essay contest in an issue of Mother Earth News magazine. At the time, Engledow lived on a homestead in remote Huelo, where she made and sold crocheted bathing suits, loaves of bread and bags of salad. Needless to say, she knew a thing or two about living sustainably, so she picked up a pen and wrote about her experience. Thats when Engledows life as a writer began. Jill Engledows newest book, Sugarcane Days: Remembering Mauis Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company, is a nostalgic picture book filled with rare vintage photographs that give readers avisualtaste of the sugar cane era. I realized that I knew how to make something that most people couldnt make I could make a story, she said. So I started writing again. Not long after, she submitted a story about a hydroponic tomato farm to an alternative weekly newspaper, the Maui Sun, and eventually landed a regular reporting gig. There are so many stories here, she said. If you look around, youll find them . . .

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Image copyright Danny Lawson / PA Image caption Across the country the votes were ferried to the counting centres. Image copyright Sean Gallup / Getty Images Image caption The first boxes to make their way to the count were in Gibraltar, as the British territory is an hour ahead of the UK. Image copyright Sean Gallup / Getty Images Image caption At Gibraltar University the validity of ballot papers was checked in the verification centre before counting began. The British territory was the first to officially declare a result, with 96% voting to Remain. Image copyright Ian Forsyth / Getty Images Image caption The ballot papers were counted at the 382 local counting areas, including this one in Sunderland. Image copyright Ian Forsyth / Getty Images Image caption When the area declared in the early hours of Friday the Leave campaign polled most votes as expected, though the margin of victory was larger than many predicted. Image copyright Jeff Overs Image caption At 3.30am the Leave campaign was slightly ahead, the figures being projected onto the exterior of Broadcasting House in London. Image copyright Kiyoshi Ota / EPA Image caption The value ชุดว่ายน้ําคนอ้วน of the pound fell dramatically as it emerged that the UK had voted to leave the EU. In Japan the Nikkei 225 Stock Average also fell, the figures seen here on the streets of the Japanese capital. Image copyright Virginia Mayo / AP Image caption In Brussels, the words "Please Stay" was spelt out in flowers in front of an EU office.

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